Q: Do you guarantee my confidentiality?

A: Yes, we guarantee safe and secure online shopping experience. At shoppoint.pk, we guarantee absolute privacy of our customers. We do our best to ensure your confidentiality.

Q) Do i get what i see?

A) Yes! You will get what you see, all our product pictures are real taken with mobile .

Q) What is our Quality Policy?

A) At Your Shop we make sure that every part matches its rare combination of the product.

We believe in philosophy that customers come first, giving utmost attention to our products we ensure that they reflect the quality of service our customers expect

from us.

Q) How can we care Sunglasses ?

A) Keeping your sunglasses clean with help them – and you – look great and perform well. However, premium sunglasses and especially their lenses require careful treatment. Improper care can damage lenses, resulting in scratches or haziness, which in turn may cause eyestrain.

To avoid damage, never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing

So, the best way to clean your sunglasses is by gently rubbing them with a lens cleaning cloth and a liquid cleaner specifically designed for eyewear lenses

Glass cleaners especially are highly corrosive and can damage your lenses quickly. They are not designed for use on the non-glass lens materials used in sunglasses.

Q) Do i have to pay any hidden charges?

A) No, you dont need to pay any hidden charges or delivery charges, Delivery is free across Pakistan.

Q) What are polarized lens ?

A) Polarized lenses fight glare by minimizing the passage of undesirable light to the eye. The result is sharper vision, more vivid color and greater depth perception.

Q) How do I find my frame size ?

A) To find your frame size, measure your features according to this guide:

Eye Size:

Measured from outermost edges of lenses horizontally.

Approx. 40mil – 62mil

Bridge Size:

The distance between lenses.

Approx. 14mil – 24mil

Temple Size:

Length of the temple piece – also known as the arm piece or earpiece.

Approx. 120mil – 150mil

Q) What are replica watches?

A) Replica watches are perfect copies of original watches produced by world famous brands. This means that replica watches look excatly same as thier original peers.

However, there may be a slight and minor change in Color of the watches when compared to the Original watch of the same brand.

Q: Are these watches water resistant?

A: Yes, these watches can resist water for wazu (ablution) and hand wash but in deep sea or while swimming, we would not recommend.

Q) Is there any warranty?

A) Yes, we are providing 6 months machine warranty.

Q: Do I have to collect the watch from some place or watch will be delivered at my door step?

A: Watch will be delivered at your doorstep through TCS Courier and you have pay cash payment to TCS’s representative at the time of delivery.

Q) How Your Shop is different from others?

A) We are different from others cause of following reasons,

1- We are selling 100% same AAA+ quality Products which others are selling (importing from same place), we are best because our Quality are best.

2- We have return and exchange policy where as others are not offering such policy.

3- We sell only 1st copy AAA+ high quality sunglasses and watches. Where as others are selling both 1st and 2nd copies.

4- Customer is allowed to refuse parcel at the time of delivery without any charges. where as others are charging Rs:500/- for it.

5- We are giving 6 months warranty in watches , where as others are not offering single day warranty.

6- All our products pictures are real taken by mobile camera

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